pnr status

Janshatabdi Shatabdi trains: This is the modern way to connect stations to Indian Railway are Pnr status available in high-speed trains . They do not have sleeper coaches . They only have seats to sit. The main difference between Janshatabdi Shatabdi trains Shatabdi trains are fully air conditioned trains Janshatabdi both AC and coaches . Seats can be reserved and

PNR status

can be checked. Garib Rath : trains will have AC 3 Tier coaches and the ticket price is much lower than other air-conditioned trains. Garib Rath to can check the status of PNR

pnr status

Rajdhani Express: This fully air-conditioned trains linking major cities of India. They are trains high priority and are usually scheduled to run on time. Between the end of the game their way , they have a fairly large number . Booking installation of seats is available for these trains. PNR status can be checkedĀ  pnr status on the website of the Rajdhani Express . Duronto Express : This is the destination of the service of Indian Railways train has recently begun . From the source to the destination , ie , trains do not stop at the station that comes their way.


irctc pnr status pnr statusPNR status : PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. In the case of Indian railway reservation system , which is associated with a ticket, a single ten-digit number . Details passenger or group of passengers, this unique number is automatically stored in the database of the computer reservation system classification number (CRS ) produced by . If you do not have a ticket for the details of this database is constantly updated with each reservation canceled for important information on the current characteristics of the passenger. Where to find the ticket number PNR : PNR number is usually printed on the tickets ( railway station , taken from the window of booking tickets ) is printed in the upper left corner. In the case of E – ticket (online or IRCTC Book tickets on the website), reference is made in the upper part of the cell. irctc pnr status




How to check the status of the ticket booking PNR status of your train , you can check through the following means : SMS : If you have one of these numbers by sending SMS via mobile can check the status of your reservation request. The numbers are 54959 . 139, 5676747 and 57886 . PNR < 10-digit PNR number > to 5676747 54959 for PNR < 10-digit PNR Number > PNR < 10-digit PNR Number > 139 To 57886 IRPNR <10 digit PNR Number > By calling : Dial 139 and speak to the operator. Online websites : Train PNR Status Indian Railways WL and full RAC : WL WL Wait a name for the list RAC : booking in case of cancellation Acronyms and abbreviations Indian Railway : SL – Sleeper 3A – AC 3-tier 3 E – AC 3-tier economy 2S – Second Meeting FC – First Class 2A – AC 2 Tier sleeper 1A – first class AC GN – General Quota Defence Quota – DF CK – Tatkal quota SS – (45 years above) only female quota Travel / main contingent of citizens Quota Ladies – LD HP – disabled quota Note: We are not part of Indian pnr Railways official websites . Indian Railways is a Q & A site. Sites of Q & A may contain false information. By using this site , you agree to all the terms of the deal .

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