pnr status



Let You Know About PNR Status And Methods To Know It


Firstly, you must know the means of PNR and also what it means? It is the ten digit number that is concerned by the department of railways in India when a traveler reserves a ticket for the train. Also one can locate this PNR at the upper corner at the left side of the ticket. Utilizing this number, one can also verify PNR status of the ticket reserving of yours.


pnr status 


Check Your Status Of PNR


You must know that how to check the status of PNR of the ticket reserving online? Using the internet, it has turned up very simple and easy to verify the status of PNR. You should just type ten digit number of PNR in the form and also tap on the button of “attain status of PNR”. Once the PNR number is submitted by you, one will attain his/her status of PNR and then verify whether the ticket of yours is verified or not.


What It Provides?


This is an identification number that is generated for every reserved ticket on the train whether it is verified or not. It offers departure and arrival time, current status, journey date, gender, bogie, seat number, train and much more.


Reason Behind The Requirement Of PNR Number


If you give priority to the train for your journey in India, then later or sooner, you will have to wait for your turn for reserving the ticket. Then, you must know that whether your ticket is verified or not or not utilizing the issued PNR number prior to your journey. You can perform this task using the cell phone or the internet. It will be very advantageous if you lost the ticket, then if you know the PNR number, then you will easily get your tickets. Therefore, you must save it by writing down and use it anywhere you desire.

 pnr status


Techniques To Verfiy PNR Status
Generally, there are some techniques by which the travelers can verify their PNR status within a mean time. Here are some techniques that are utilized to check the status of PNR, which are described as below:
Check Status Using The Internet
It is a very well known and easy method to check out. You need to type the 10 digit number on the website and come to know about your status. By entering the number, you can attain the reservation status that will be displayed on the screen of the computer system. The travelers from different railway departments integrating Nouthern, Southern, Western and Central can verify the status of the booked ticket using the instinctive interface.
Get Your Status By SMS
The messaging is a reliable and cheap way of communication and increasing day by day. The people give priority to the process of messaging rather than calling for the communication purposes. Therefore, once can also get their status by simply using the messaging process, the railway department of India planned to provide the information regarding PNR through SMS. Therefore, one can use this quickest and simplest technique to verify the reservation status.

Getting Status By Calling
One can also come to know about his/her status by making a call to the railway system and use the given instructions that are provided by the system of IVR.



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